is a unique social platform which in it the contents of each post is protected by a pre-defined condition and will be randomly assigned only to those who back the post before the post is released.

Available on iOS and Android






What is Futuguard?

Futuguard Conditions

 A post with contents that are protected behind a release condition.

Campaign Condition

In this condition, the post’s content is released when it reaches a specified number of backers. An expiration time could also be set, meaning users have a limited time to reach the required number of backers, or the post will expire, and its content will never be accessible. This condition creates a sense of community around each post, as users collectively work towards unlocking the content.

Time Condition

Posts can be backed until a specified time, which is set when the post is created. After this time, the post’s content becomes accessible to those who backed it. This time-based condition creates a sense of urgency, encouraging users to back posts they’re interested in before time runs out. It also gives creators a way to manage when their content is released to their backers.

Buy Condition

The Buy Condition on Futuguard is a mechanism where the release of a post’s content is contingent upon the sale of a specific number of items linked to the post.The Buy Condition incentivizes users to purchase by offering them exclusive access to content upon completion of the sales goal.An expiration time could also be set.


What is Trigger in Futuguard?

Enhancing User Engagement

Enhancing User Engagement

The need to activate a trigger could make users more invested in the posts they back, as they’ve taken an additional step beyond simply clicking a button.

Filtering Engagement

Filtering Engagement

If the process of activating a trigger involves some level of effort or knowledge, it could ensure that only users who are truly interested or committed are able to back a post.

Incentivizing Certain Actions

Incentivizing Certain Actions

Depending on what the process of activating a trigger involves, it could be used to incentivize certain actions or behaviors on the platform.


For backing the post, the trigger must be activated.


With this trigger, users have to watch a video in its entirety before they are able to back a post. This …

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This trigger allows the post creator to generate a list of unique codes when creating a post. These …

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This type of trigger requires users to participate in a survey, which could consist of multiple-choice questions, …

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In this case, a user must make a prediction, in the form of a multiple-choice answer, before they can …

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The primary function of this trigger is directly linked to the “Buy” condition. In this context, the items available …

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Our Work Process

Creating a post in Futuguard involves several steps, each designed to ensure the content is engaging, valuable, and aligned with the platform’s unique features.

Step 1

Select and Set Condition

Step 2

Add a Cover and Description

Step 3

Choose the Trigger

Step 4

Fill Content and Publish

Quick View​

All actions & information about a post are available in Quick View.

Required Number of Backers

Campaign Condition

Buy Condition

Futucoin Content

Users Comments

Exclusive Content

Time Condition


Futucoin is the internal currency used within the Futuguard platform. It’s a digital currency that holds value within the context of the Futuguard ecosystem. Currently, one Futucoin is equivalent to $0.1.

Users can earn Futucoin through actions such as engaging with content, or participating in specific triggers. Futucoin can also be spent or utilized in different ways within the platform, such as embedding it as valuable content in Verified or Contingent Content, or using it for promotions and interactions.

Additionally, users have the ability to convert their Futucoin into various currencies. This feature provides an avenue for users to potentially benefit financially from their engagement and contributions on the Futuguard platform.

In summary, Futucoin acts as an incentive mechanism, rewarding user engagement and participation on Futuguard while also serving as a medium of exchange within the platform’s unique ecosystem.

There are two main categories of Contents in Futuguard

Common Content

This is content that becomes available to all backers once the post is released. It seems like this would be similar to traditional social media posts where everyone who follows or interacts with a post can see the same content.

Exclusive Content

This is individualized content that’s assigned to each backer when the post is released. The assignment is usually random. In this category, there’s also a distinction between valuable content and default content.