Code Trigger

"Experience exclusive engagement through Code Triggers on Futuguard. Distribute unique codes for tailored interactions.

What is Code Trigger?

This trigger allows the post creator to generate a list of unique codes when creating a post. These codes are then distributed to potential backers who want to back the post. Each code can be used only once to back the post.

This mechanism introduces a unique form of access control to the backing process. It allows post creators to direct engagement in a specific way, which can be beneficial for various reasons.

Advantages of using code trigger

In addition to the above benefits, Code Trigger will diversify the types of interactions that users can have on Futuguard, making the platform more diverse and attractive.

Selective Engagement

The post creator can selectively give out codes to certain users. This could be based on their loyalty, their level of engagement, or any other criteria set by the post creator.


This trigger can be used as a promotional tool. For example, a post creator could use the codes to encourage users to follow them on other social media platforms or visit their personal website.


The use of unique codes also introduces a sense of exclusivity. Users who receive a code may feel special and more valued, which could increase their engagement and loyalty to the post creator.

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