Ticket Trigger

What is Ticket Trigger?

The primary function of ticket trigger is directly linked to the “Buy” condition. In this context, the items available for purchase are tickets. To back a post, a user must purchase a ticket in the “Quick View”. The post gets released once all tickets have been sold.

Buy Quick View

Advantages of using ticket trigger

In addition to the above benefits, Ticket Trigger will diversify the types of interactions that users can have on Futuguard, making the platform more diverse and attractive.

Events & Exclusivity

This trigger is ideally suited for events or exclusive content access. Whether it’s a virtual concert, webinar, or any exclusive event, creators can use this trigger to control access.

Monetization & Value

By tying backing to a direct purchase, creators have a clear path to monetizing their content or events. Furthermore, the act of buying a ticket often carries with it a perceived increase in value or importance of the content/event.

Scarcity & Urgency

Given that there’s a finite number of tickets, this can introduce an element of scarcity. This scarcity can drive urgency, motivating users to act quickly if they want to back a post.

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