Questionnaire Trigger

Discover the innovative potential of Questionnaire Triggers, a dynamic approach to fostering user engagement on our platform.

What is Questionnaire Trigger?

Questionnaire trigger requires users to participate in a survey, which could consist of multiple-choice questions, before they are able to back a post.
Moreover, this trigger introduces a level of interaction that’s even more engaging than the Video Trigger, as it requires users to not only consume content but also provide their input. This can foster deeper engagement and may make users feel more invested in the post, as they have contributed their opinions or feedback.
From the content creator’s perspective, this trigger can also be an effective tool for gathering insights from the audience. They can use the poll results to understand their audience better, guide future content creation, or even inform business decisions if the platform is used for professional or promotional purposes.

In addition, to back a post, users must respond to a questionnaire, which may encompass multiple-choice questions.
Once users correctly answer a specified number of questions, valuable content will be provided to them upon the release of the post. This introduces a sort of reward system, giving users an additional incentive to engage with the questionnaire and answer the questions to the best of their abilities.

Questionnaire trigger Quick View

Advantages of using questionnaire trigger

Here’s another creative approach to heighten active participation on the platform and guarantee users’ full engagement with the posts they back.


Users might be more inclined to participate and engage with a post if they know they could receive valuable content in return.


If the questionnaire is about the content of the post, this could ensure users understand the topic before they can back it. This could be particularly useful in educational or informational contexts.


As with the “Questionnaire Trigger” could also provide valuable insights for the content creator, especially if the questions are about the users’ opinions or preferences.

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