Prediction Trigger

Discover the captivating world of Prediction Triggers, where users predict outcomes through multiple-choice answers before backing a post.

What is Prediction Trigger?

In this case, a user must make a prediction, in the form of a multiple-choice answer. This prediction must be made before they can back a post. The post then enters a waiting mode after the conditions for releasing are met, if the post creator has not yet entered the prediction result. The post gets released only after the post creator enters the prediction result.
This trigger can add a sense of suspense and anticipation to the backing process. Users wait to see if their predictions were correct. It could also create a fun, game-like dynamic that encourages users to engage with posts.
This trigger could be used in a variety of contexts, such as predicting the outcome of a sporting event, guessing the conclusion of a story, forecasting trends, and more. It allows users to actively participate in the content rather than just passively consuming it.

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Futuguard Match Guess Quick View

Match Guess

The “Match Guess” is a specialized form of prediction that involves guessing the outcome of a game. Users make their prediction by entering two numbers representing the final scores for each team.

Three different outcomes can occur:

The user incorrectly predicts the winner and loser of the game.

The user correctly predicts the result of the game (win, lose, or draw), but the predicted scores do not match the actual game result.

The user’s predicted scores exactly match the result of the game.

Advantages of using prediction trigger

This trigger finds utility across various contexts, enabling users to actively participate in the content rather than consuming it passively.

Predicting a Sporting Event

Guessing Conclusion of a Story

Forecasting Trends

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