Explore the diverse content types on Futuguard, including General Content, Verified Content, and Contingent.

General Content

Contingent Content

Verified Content

This content includes text, photos, videos, text files (e.g., PDF, Word), and ChatGPT interactions. It is versatile and can encompass a wide range of multimedia and interactive elements.

Placed in the Exclusive content category, this type includes Futucoin embedded in it. The creator of the post can buy any amount of Futucoin and allocate it as verified content, enhancing its value.

A type of verified content that includes Futucoin, with the amount of Futucoin increasing based on the number of backers up to a predetermined limit. This type is used when the condition is time-based.

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Futuguard is a Virtual Vault that protects your digital content for which you can set a release condition.